Your Business


Here you can store all of Your Business details.

The component comprises two tabs. The left ‘Company Details’ tab primarily contains your business address details; the right ‘Contacts’ tab contains space for extra contact/employee details.

Company Details Tab

Accounting Software screenshot my company

This tab comprises the following fields:

  • Name - Your Business Name
  • Reference - Use this for any further reference details about the customer
  • VAT Number - Your Business VAT Number
  • Address - Your Business Address
  • Postcode - Your Business Postcode
  • Country - Your Business Country of address
  • Notes - Any further notes you may wish to add about the customer

Contacts Tab

Accounting Software screenshot my company contacts tab

This is where you can add extra contact information / employee details for your business.

The Contact contains the following data fields:

  • Name - The contact’s name
  • Position – The contact’s job (eg. sales, purchasing, admin etc.)
  • Telephone – The contact’s telephone number
  • Fax - The contact’s fax number
  • Mobile – The contact’s mobile phone number
  • Email – The contact’s email address. Press the Email button to the right of it to open your default email editor
  • Internet – The contact’s website if they have one. Press the Internet button to launch it in your internet browser
  • Link fields – There are 4 link fields so you can associate other web pages or folders on your computer or specific documents with a specific contact
  • Notes – Add any notes specific to this contact here

The following buttons are located at the bottom of the tab:

  • Accounting Software button new add contact - Add a new contact
  • Accounting Software button new remove contact - Delete the current contact