Licence Key Essentials

IMPORTANT: Licence keys can only be used once.

Please note that your licence key does not contain the numbers ‘one’ or zero’, only the capital letters: ‘I’ (as in the letter ‘i’) or capital ‘O’ (as in the letter ‘o’)

When you enter a licence key via the menu option Help > Set Licence Wizard it becomes part of your data. It is important to realise that restoring to pre-licence versions of your data will lose the licence until you restore to a backup made after a licence was installed.

Note: if you are adding an extra licence (e.g. you have added another company) most of the details in the wizard will already be filled in. Just overwrite the old licence key with the new one and leave the rest of the data as it is. You will not lose earlier licences.

Once your licence is installed, it is a good idea to make a manual backup at this point and give the backup a distinctive name so that you can discern when the licence was installed and are able to restore your data from that point onwards should you need to.

To make and name a manual backup please follow these steps:

  1. Run Business Accountz
  2. Click on the Menu option File > Make a Backup
  3. Give your file a relevant name, such as ‘Licensed Backup’ and today’s date.
  4. Complete the wizard process to create the backup

Every backup made from that date onwards will be licensed.

For more information about making a manual backup, please click here