Switching from VAT Cash Accounting To Standard VAT (accrual)

If you are switching from the UK VAT Cash Accounting scheme back to the standard scheme, this is what you need to do on the day you switch schemes:

  1. Make a backup (so you can restore to that backup if you make a mistake).
  2. Open Sales Transactions and select the Unpaid View option from the drop down menu in the toolbar for that page.
  3. Make sure the VAT Date column is displayed (if it is not turned on, then right click on any column header, choose the Columns option from the menu and make the VAT Date column visible, if you are on a Mac with a single button mouse, then click with the Ctrl key held down).
  4. Change ALL the VAT Dates of your unpaid transactions so they will appear in the period of your NEXT VAT return.
  5. Now click on the VAT Return and click on the cog icon to open Report Options and turn off Cash Accounting by selecting Standard Accural and press OK to close.
  6. To make sure everything is OK, go and check your previous VAT returns.