Record a sale

Please note that this process is also covered by the Easy Steps component.

A sale can be recorded in 2 places:

  1. In the Sales Transactions Component
  2. In the Customer Records Component

The protocol for both is identical, with the exception that in the Sales Transactions component the option is there to associate the sale with a customer, whereas in the Customer Records component this is automatically assigned.

We will describe this process in the Sales Transactions component.

First, select the component, either by clicking on the Sales Transactions icon, or by choosing Sales>Sales Transactions from the main menu.

There are five fields which MUST be completed for the transaction itself to be considered complete by the software: Tax Date, From Account, To Account, Total Amount, and VAT Code (provided you are Tax registered). There are further fields which can be filled in to embellish the transaction with extra information, such as Customer, Reference.

Next, click the Accounting Software button add Create a new transaction button in the top toolbar. This adds a new transaction line to the table.

Enter the date in the Tax Date field. As you start typing, a pop-up calendar will appear. You can either click on the required date, or type it in manually. The software will recognise most date dividers, such as full stops, slashes, etc.