Recording a Split transaction

If you want to split a single transaction across multiple expense (or other) accounts here’s what you do:

1. Create a new account called ‘Split Control’ or equivalent. Its account type should be Cash. Create it in the Current Assets section where your other cash and bank accounts are. See Chart of Accounts for full details of creating accounts.

2. Make a Transfer Transaction From Bank To Split for 100. You can now reconcile your bank with ease with the single amount when the next statement arrives.

3. Make a Purchase Transaction From Split To Fuel for 75

4. Make a Transfer Transaction From Split To Cash for 25

You can of course split it across as many accounts as you need. When the transaction is complete the Split account will return to zero, and that is how you know you have split all of it correctly.

If there is VAT involved in any of the Purchase Transaction splits, apply to each individual transaction, but make sure the overall VAT is not more than on your receipt. You may need to edit one of the transaction’s VAT by a 1p or 2 to achieve this.