Business Accountz won’t start

If Business Accountz fails to start, the next step is to try to restore your data.

To do this, close Business Accountz and all messages, and then run the BA Restore app.

This is located as follows (depending on your operating system):

  • Windows - Program Files (x86)/Business_Accountz_ V3/BA Restore.exe
  • Mac - ApplicationsAccountz

When you run the BA Restore app, this will open Business Accountz.

At this point, within Business Accountz you can restore your latest backup from the Online Backup Service, or alternatively restore a manual backup.

How to restore your data from the Online Backup Service:

  1. Open Business Accountz
  2. Go to File> Restore a Backup
  3. Select Choose from list of available restore points
  4. Select Yes (you are an online backup subscriber)
  5. Enter your online backup details

Please see this link for information on how to restore your data.