How To Refund A Customer

Please note that this process is also covered by the Easy Steps component.

If you are refunding a sale in full please follow these steps:

  1. Open Sales Transactions (blue books)
  2. Find the original transaction and select it by clicking on any field in the transaction
  3. Click on the transaction Credit Note button in the toolbar above the table (the button with a C in in it)
  4. Enter the date you refunded the amount (eg. today)

This creates a duplicate copy of the original transaction but with the amounts reversed (ie. negative totals) and a new date so that your VAT is correct for the current period if you are VAT registered.

If you have the Startup Kit, Startup Kit VAT or Suite version of Business Accountz you can double-click on the document column and create a printable credit note to send to the customer.