Customer Table


Accounting Software screenshot customer table

The Customer Table component displays a sortable list of your customers and their details.

Table Toolbar

Above the table are the following icons:

  • Accounting Software Button Views Drop Down Selector Select Current View Allows you to change the View that is currently in use by the table
  • Accounting Software Button View Editor Toggle View Editor Panel Shows/hides the View Editor Panel
  • Accounting Software button add Create Customer – create a new customer
  • Accounting Software button delete Delete Customer – hides the currently selected customer(s) from view (use the default filter drop-down menu option from the Filter Selector to show all deleted customers again – where you can also undelete them if you wish)
  • Accounting Software button chart show hide for this view Show/Hide Chart – displays and hides the chart for the currently selected view
  • Accounting Software button csv export Export as CSV File - opens a filer window so you can export the current table in a format suitable for loading into a spreadsheet (i.e. Comma Separated Values)

Visible Columns

By default, Customer Table displays the following columns:

  • Name - Displays the Customer’s name
  • Credit Current - Total unpaid transactions which are not yet due
  • Period 1 - Shows the amount outstanding for Period 1
  • Period 2 - Shows the amount outstanding for Period 2
  • Period 3 - Shows the amount outstanding for Period 3
  • Credit Total - Shows the total owed by the customer
  • Credit limit - shows the credit limit for the customer
  • Show Customer - Double clicking this icon takes you to the customer’s entry in the Customer Records Component
  • Address - The entry’s address
  • Postcode - The entry’s postcode
  • Country - The customer’s Country of address
  • Contact Email - The contact’s email address

Hidden Columns

Below is a list of columns that are hidden by default but are available to be added:

  • Account From - An account entered here will automatically be entered in any transaction/quotation for this customer
  • Account To - An account entered here will automatically be entered in any transaction/quotation for this customer
  • Contact Fax - The contact’s fax number
  • Contact Mobile - The contact’s mobile phone number
  • Contact Name - The contact’s name
  • Contact Phone - The contact’s telephone number
  • Contact Position - The contact’s job (eg. sales, purchasing, admin etc.)
  • Credit Left - Shows how much credit the customer has remaining
  • Deleted - Check this box to delete (hide) the selected entry
  • Import ID - If the transaction has been imported, this details the source document and time/date of import
  • Notes - Enter any notes about the selected entry here
  • Other Lookup - Displays an extra search ‘Lookup’ for the customer (in Customer Records)
  • Reference – a reference value for the current transaction/entry
  • VAT Number - The entry’s VAT Number