How to print a report for transactions up to a certain date

To obtain a printed report for a set of sales transactions up to a certain date, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to Sales > Sales Transactions (Blue books icon)
  2. Click the ‘New View’ icon located on the top left of the screen.
  3. A dialogue box will appear - ‘Add New Filter’. Give this report a name relating to what you want to see in the report, e.g. ‘Sales before end of (date)’.
  4. The Filter Builder will appear. Click the plus icon next to ‘Transaction Date’. A line below it will appear with the legend ‘date condition’. Single click on where it says ‘Equal to’ in the Operator field. A menu should appear. Select ‘Before or equal to date’ from this list by left clicking it.
  5. Click once in the Parameter field to put the cursor there (or hit tab). Type the required date and hit return.
  6. Return to wherever you were creating the filter/report for. In this case we are going to Sales > Sales Transactions (Blue books icon).
  7. Your filter ‘Sales before end of (date)’ will be selected and those transactions will be selected and displayed.
  8. You will also see that the new report filter you have created is now available as an option in the drop down menu.
  9. To print this report, hit the ‘Print this table’ icon (which looks like a printer) to launch the document editor.
  10. Hit the printer icon in the top right to print.

Please note that you can have more than one operator for a report, so to create a report for transactions between two dates, simply follow the instructions as above, but after line 5 of this guide, add another line by clicking the green and white plus sign alongside ‘Transaction Date’ again, and set the operator as ‘After or equal to date’ and the parameter to the date required. This way you can create a report for transactions in a particular month only.

Filters are very powerful. You can also create a new filter from an existing filter. Simply select the existing filter, then follow the steps as above.

You can also edit your own filters. Select the filter you want to edit. Then click on the Edit Filter button on the right of the filter name field.