Installing the application


Place the CD into your CD/DVD Rom drive then follow the instructions below depending on which computer system you are installing it on.


The Home Accountz installation wizard should run automatically. If nothing happens after 10 seconds, it may be that your auto-run option is turned off. In this case click on Start>Computer, then right click on your CD/DVD Rom drive and choose the Run option to start the installation wizard.


  1. Insert the Home Accountz CD. A window should open displaying a file called install_home_accountz_v3.dmg. If it does not, please click on the Go button (from the system menu at the top), then Computer, then your CD Rom icon.
  2. Double-click the install_home_accountz_v3.dmg file to open the Home Accountz package installer.
  3. Double-click the Home Accountz v3 installer file (which has just opened from step 2) to run the installer.


Different distributions of Linux have different installation processes, so please also refer to the instructions in your Linux distribution for installing applications.

  1. Open the CD
  2. Double-click on the Linux folder
  3. Drag the file to your desktop. Right click and select ‘Properties’.
  4. Select the ‘Permissions’ tab and tick ‘Allow executing file as program’
  5. Double-click on the file.
  6. Choose run in terminal or any option you have to run the file
  7. It is important that you set the permissions correctly in your installation folder and for the application itself.

If your Linux distribution does not have a way of installing directly, then you will need to install from the command line (also known as shell or bash). Please see your Linux distribution manual for further details of using the command line to set permissions and install and run binary files.

Installation Web Welcome Page

After a successful installation, the installer will attempt to open your internet browser and display a welcome page.

Running Accountz and Licence Registration

After you have installed Accountz, assuming you accepted the installation default settings, you should have a shortcut to it on your desktop (you may have to create your own if you are using Linux). Double-click the shortcut to run Accountz.

If you wish to change the language that the software runs in, now is a good time to do so. Select Tools>Language Selection and choose the desired language from the drop down list. Click Ok and then restart the software.

Accountz first starts with the New File Wizard. It is very important you complete this before registering your licence or applying any updates that have may be ready.

Once you have completed the setup pages, you have up to 30 days of limited use before you must register the product. The Set Licence Wizard is available from the Help menu. Your licence registration number is printed inside the DVD case (see here for help with licensing).

Having completed the wizard, you will prompted to activate your Online Backup subscription. Please follow the steps to complete the process.

Please note that your licence key can only be used once, and so it is important to make a back-up of your datafile (click here for more information) once you have registered the software.

Backing up your data

Backups are no guarantee if they are only made locally within the database in your installation folder. If your hard disc becomes faulty or unusable, you will still lose all your data.

Therefore, it is a good idea to license the software and activate your year’s free Online Backup subscription straight away, as this will automatically prompt the software to start backing up your data online.


If you experience a problem installing Accountz or registering your software, please contact Accountz support by email: