Accounting Software screenshot payees new

Accounting Software screenshot payees new

The Payees component enables you to comprehensively manage your payee details.

It comprises two tabs, entitled ‘Payee Details’ and’Transactions’, each providing information about the selected payee.

  • The Payee Details tab is where you can primarily store name, address and notes for each payee.
  • The Transactions tab displays all the transactions related to the currently selected payee and allows you to add, modify and delete transactions for this payee.

Of course, there is no need to enter a payee for your transactions. It is only there if you need that level of detail. You can use the notes section to record guarantee information and contact details. You may also want to add a description to important purchases directly in the transaction. This could be useful for insurance claims for example.

The following tools are available for selection at the top of the component:

  • Accounting Software payee search drop down - Payee Search Drop Down List - Click here to search for different payees
  • Accounting Software button show deleted - Show Deleted - Check this box to also show deleted records
  • Accounting Software button recently viewed Recently Viewed Payees - Click here to list recently viewed payees
  • Accounting Software button create new payee Create New Payee - Click here to create a new payee

Payee Details Tab

Accounting Software screenshots payee details tab

Accounting Software screenshots payee details tab

This panel contains a searchable payee address book.

The Address Book part of this panel comprises the following fields:

  • Name - The Payee’s Name
  • Reference - Use this for any further reference details about the payee
  • VAT Number - The Payee’s VAT Number
  • Deleted - Checking/Unchecking this tick box will delete/undelete this payee record
  • Address Menu - If you have multiple addresses for a payee, selecting a different address from the dropdown menu displays the relevant address details in the fields below
  • Address - The Payee’s Address
  • Postcode - The Payee’s Postcode
  • Country - The Payee’s Country of address
  • Notes - Any further notes you may wish to add about the payee

Aside from the ‘Recently Viewed Payees’ button and ‘Payee Search Drop Down List’, there is a further search option on the left of the panel:

  • Accounting Software button alphabetic search The Alphabetical Search Tool - Click a letter to reveal all entries starting with this letter. Use the ‘?’ sign for numeric entries

Transactions Tab

Accounting Software screenshot payees transactions tab

Accounting Software screenshot payees transactions tab

In this tab you can view/edit/delete all transactions made by the selected customer.

Table Toolbar

The toolbar above the table displays the following buttons:

  • Accounting Software Button Views Drop Down Selector Select Current View Allows you to change the View that is currently in use by the table.
  • Accounting Software Button View Editor Toggle View Editor Panel Show/hides the View Editor Panel that allows you to edit the current View or create/delete a View
  • Accounting Software Button New View Create New View Creates a New View based on the currently selected view
  • Accounting Software Search Table Search Shows/hides the table’s Search Panel that allows you to search for key words (or amounts) in the current table.
  • Accounting Software button add Create Transaction – create a new empty transaction
  • Accounting Software button copy transaction Copy Transaction – makes a copy of the currently selected transaction(s)
  • Accounting Software button create template transaction Create Transaction using Template lets you pick a predefined Template Transaction from the drop-down menu to auto-insert commonly occurring transactions
  • Accounting Software button delete Delete Transaction – hides the currently selected transaction(s) from view (use the default filter drop-down menu option from the Filter Selector to show all deleted transactions again – where you can also un-delete them if you wish)
  • Accounting Software button chart show hide for this view Show/Hide Chart – displays and hides the chart for the currently selected view
  • Accounting Software button print Print – opens the Document Designer so you can select or design a suitable template for printing the current table of filtered transactions
  • Accounting Software Button Export as CSV File Export as CSV File - opens a filer window so you can export the current table in a format suitable for loading into a spreadsheet (i.e. Comma Separated Values)