Custom Fields


Custom Fields are dynamic text fields which can be added to any document template, and which display data drawn from within the software.

Custom Fields are placed within text areas on a template. Taking ‘Dated’ as an example, clicking on the ‘Dated’ text area in any default document template, you will see in the Text Properties panel the [[Printing Date]] Custom Field.

When the template is used to produce a report, the actual date of printing is used to replace the [[Printing Date]] placeholder.

Available Fields

Custom Fields comprise a number of data fields automatically generated by the program, which draw their data accordingly from within the software, for example Report Start Date. Many of these are already automatically included in the relevant template, e.g. ‘Number of Pages’ is included by default in every document template.

The user can choose from the following Custom Fields:

  • Document No - The Document No. relevant to the type of document
  • Number of Pages - The total number of pages which make up the document
  • Page Number - The current page number of the document (used in conjunction with ‘Number of Pages’ (above))
  • Printing Date - The date of printing
  • Printing Date Time - The time and date of printing
  • Printing Time - The time of printing
  • Report End Date - The end date for the current report
  • Report Start Date - The start date for the current report
  • Total Rows - The total number of transaction rows for the current document

Adding Custom Fields to a template

Custom Fields can be added in the following way:

  • Add Text Field - Accessed using the Text Tool within the Template Editor. This enables the user to add custom fields to the template.