Accounting Software screenshot templates home

Accounting Software screenshot templates home


This component, accessed via Documents>Templates, displays all template files for the following document types:

  • Balances
  • Budget
  • Transactions
  • Automated Transactions
  • Template Transactions
  • Entries

Click on any report type in the left hand column to view the templates relating to it.

Column Headings

The following Column Headings are visible for each type of report:

  • Edit – Double click on the pencil icon to edit the document in the Template Editor
  • Name – Displays the template name (double click to edit)
  • Description – Displays any user-defined description (double click to edit)
  • Creation Date – Displays when the template was created
  • Active – Unticking this box hides the template from this table

Table Tools

Located above these headings are the following options:

  • Show Inactive – Tick this box to display all inactive (hidden) templates
  • Edit – Click this to edit the selected template using the Template Editor
  • Copy - Click this to make a copy of the selected template